STEP 1. Preparing the hair

Shampoo client's hair using You Pro™ Purifying Pre-Treatment Hair Cleanser. Do not over manipulate the scalp. Rinse and repeat. Towel blot hair dry. Detangle hair throughout from ends to roots.

STEP 2. Partitioning the hair

Partition hair into four (4) or five (5) sections; clip each section of hair in place.

STEP 3. Applying the You Pro™ Keratin Strengthening Mousse

Use protective gloves when applying You Pro™ Strengthening Mousse™ Keratin Treatment. Starting in a back section of the hair, apply Mousse from roots to ends in small sub-sections of hair. Comb treatment through hair for even distribution. DO NOT over saturate, as this can cause the hair to tangle as it dries. Avoid product dripping on or around the ear area and hair-line perimeter. Continue until product has been applied to the entire head of hair. Comb hair throughout and allow product to sit on hair for the prescribed amount of processing time in the Application Chart.

STEP 4. Sealing the Keratin

Blow dry each section of hair until entire head of hair is dry. If hair becomes tangled, lightly mist the hair with water, comb through and resume blow drying. Hair may feel sticky or heavy. This is a normal effect of the keratin. Flat Iron hair in small sections on heat as prescribed in application chart until hair is completely straight. ALLOW HAIR TO SIT FOR A MINIMUM OF 15 MINUTES

Application Chart

STEP 5. Finishing and Styling

Shampoo client's hair with You Pro™ Moisture Infusing™ Shampoo. Rinse thoroughly. Apply You Pro™ Moisture Infusing™ Conditioner to wet hair and comb through and leave on hair 3-5 minutes. For deeper conditioning, leave on hair 5-10 minutes with plastic cap under a warm dryer. Rinse thoroughly. Apply a small amount of You Pro™ THERMA-SHIELD™ CRÈME to wet hair. Rub product in hands and thoroughly massage into hair then comb through. Hair is now ready for styling - blow-drying, roller setting, thermaling, etc.


NOTE: Permanent color may be altered with the Keratin treatment application. Do perform a strand test. It is advisable for clients to wait 2 weeks after Keratin treatment before permanently coloring hair. YOU Pro™ Keratin Treatment may be followed by a semi-permanent color or demi (quasi) - permanent color after the keratin application is complete.


Follow Steps 1-4 of the YOU Pro™ Keratin Treatment Application for straight styles.


Shampoo client's hair with YOU Pro™ Moisture Infusing™ Shampoo. Apply semi-permanent color or demi (quasi)-permanent color following manufacturer's procedure. Apply YOU Pro™ Moisture Infusing™ Conditioner to damp hair and comb through, leave on hair 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Towel dry hair. Apply a small amount of You Pro™ Therma-Shield™ Crème to wet hair. Hair is now ready for styling - blow-drying, roller setting, thermaling, etc.