You Got Body

Product Story

You Moisture Infusing Shampoo
You Moisture Infusing Conditioner
You Control Mousse
You Therma-Shield Crème
You Silken Spray
You Anti-Frizz Serum

Home Regimen

Everybody deserves a little extra attention…to get yours start by using Luster's You @ Home. Always shampoo hair with You Moisture Infusing Sulfate Free & Paraben Free Shampoo. Rinse and repeat. Apply a generous amount of You Moisture Infusing Conditioner, comb through hair from ends to root with a large tooth comb to soften and detangle. Allow conditioner to sit on hair for 5 minutes; for deep penetrating conditioning, sit under a warm dryer with a plastic cap. Rinse conditioner thoroughly and apply a generous amount of You Control Mousse and comb through your hair. Rub a small amount of You Therma-Shield Crème to your palms and rub into your hair. Blow dry hair using a warm blow dryer and brush until hair is completely dry. Section hair into 4 sections; mist each section with You Silken Spray. Using a proper heat setting on your flat iron, take small sections and silken each section straight, repeat until your entire head is silkened, smooth and straight. Tong small sections and secure with a grip or roller, continue until entire hair is in curls. Remove rollers or grips, apply a small amount of You Anti-Frizz Serum to your palms and rub it into your hair, releasing curls. Brush, then style as desired.

Now you got body everyone adores!