You Have a Chic & Timeless Bob

Product Story

You Moisture Infusing Shampoo
You Moisture Infusing Conditioner
You Control Mousse
You Therma-Sheild Crème
You Anti-Frizz Serum
You Smooth

Home Regimen

The Bob is timeless and classic as you are. Now you can get it right every time and get it right at home. Shampoo your Bob at home with You Moisture Infusing Sulfate & Paraben Free Shampoo. Rinse and repeat. Apply a generous amount of You Moisture Infusing Conditioner, comb through hair with a large tooth comb. Allow conditioner to sit on hair for 5 minutes, for deep penetrating conditioning sit under a warm dryer with a plastic cap. Rinse conditioner thoroughly and apply a generous amount of You Control Mousse. Comb through your hair, wrap your Bob and sit under a warm dryer until your hair is completely dry. Rub a small amount of You Therma-Shield Crème to your palms and rub into your hair releasing your wrap, now apply a very small amount of You Anti-Frizz Serum to your hair, select the proper heat setting and flat iron your hair creating movement and direction to your Bob. On tapered Bobs use You Smooth Gel to hold and shine those closely cut and tapered areas.

Now your timeless Bob can live on yet another day!